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Hey, glad to see you here. We just wanted to give you a quick summary of the amazing things we did within the last weeks, as we optimized and worked towards your requests to provide you with this super powerful release.

Down below you will find the biggest new features, along with new integrations and other optimizations you surely will appreciate.

Conditional Flows actions

You can now execute action steps within your flow when only specific criteria are met. This allows you to validate the action before it is executed against your chosen conditions, and if they don’t match, the action is skipped.

The Flows view of the conditionals that need to be met before the action is fired.

If you want to learn more about our conditions, feel free to check out our help file about flows.

Fluent Support integration

As one of our most requested integrations, we are excited to announce our integration with Fluent Support. It comes with five new triggers to help you automate your WordPress automation workflows. To learn more about each new trigger, feel free to click on one of the links below:

WP Fusion integration

This neat integration comes along with four new triggers and actions to help you switch your resources to tasks that are really important to you. To learn more about the integration itself, take a look at the WP Fusion integration page.

GiveWP integration

With the new GiveWP integration, we introduced a whopping 11 new triggers and actions to help you automate your donation process in the best way possible.

Smaller improvements

Of course, there are not only big things but also smaller details we took care of. Down below you will find two of them that web believe are worth mentioning.

  1. Flow triggers can now be limited to an execution that appear only once per instance. This way, you can make sure that with each WordPress call, the Flow is executed maximum only one time.
  2. The get_post webhook action now supports two different argument that allow you to fetch an attachment based on a given attachment URL.

There are various smaller changes that happened along the way. To see a full list of those, please take a look at our changelog.

For now, we really want to see how you can leverage out those features to make mor out of your daily automations. In case you would like to share something about this release, feel free to join our Facebook group via the following link:

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