WP Webhooks Pro 6.0.1 released

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With the release of our last major version, 6.0, we achieved a big milestone in providing interoperability between WordPress plugins and external services.
This time, we made sure to enhance the release by providing simplicity at the user front while adding a great number of new features, integrations, and tweaks to allow running things smoothly.

New Features

Simplicity while building
One big part of this release was to ensure better availability of information on how each of our webhook triggers and actions works. We have achieved that by providing dedicated details to each of our endpoints and all of the settings/arguments directly within the flow. You can now click on one of your desired argument links to see more details:

Custom link and button redirects
Along with this release, we introduced the possibility to redirect the user to a URL of your choice after the click of our “Custom link clicked” and “Custom button clicked” webhook triggers.

Wait for the webhook trigger response
Each webhook trigger got a new setting to wait until the receiving party sends over an answer. This setting is specifically interesting for users that require their further processing of triggers to be delayed until the receiving party finishes their job.

Content buffering for the “Fire do_action hook” action
Since 6.0.1, you can now call actions that echo/output any kind of content without breaking the PHP executions.

New Integrations

We are pleased to welcome the following plugin integrations to WP Webhooks:

  1. JetFormBuilder
  2. Jetpack CRM
  3. MailPoet
  4. Shortcoder
  5. SureCart

New triggers

To see the list of all new triggers from the integrations above, simply click on one of the links.

New actions

To see the list of all new actions from the integrations above, simply click on one of the links.

Other improvements

Furthermore, we fixed various bugs and made quite a few more improvements to make working with our plugin smoother. Since the amount of adjustments is massive, please look at our changelog if interested.

For now, we want to see how you can leverage those features to make more out of your daily automation. In case you would like to share something about this release, feel free to join our Facebook group via the following link: https://wp-webhooks.com/visit/facebook

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