WP Webhooks Pro 6.0 released

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Custom endpoint scheduling, advanced integration management, and big performance adjustments are only a small part of our biggest release (Literally!).

With this release, we are not only bringing tremendous improvements but a whole new way of controlling integrations to make sure your Automations are scalable, performance-optimized, and ready to go BIG!

Below you will find a summarized list of the key changes you definitely don’t want to miss out on:

New Features

Trigger & Action scheduling
Did you always want to delay the execution of an action or a trigger, let’s say, by three minutes after the event happened? This can now be done for all of our webhook endpoints, as well as Flows.
Simply set the amount of time you want to delay the endpoint, and WP Webhooks does the rest.

Integration Management
Integrations are great, and there is no doubt about that, but what if all of those integrations are always available on your website, even though you are not using them? This means extra performance is required by your server or website just to handle the excess code that just runs along for every page load of your website (Which can also cause compatibility issues). With WP Webhooks 6.0, we introduce a smart way of managing integrations so that you have full control over everything available on your website, ensuring you get the best performance of all time.

Separate Flows, Logs, Authentication & Data Mapping templates for multi sites
If you’re using a multisite network for your WordPress installation, you can now create separate Flows and Authentication templates for each subsite.

Duplicating Flows
If you ever had to build a Flow that was just slightly different than another one you created, you know the struggle: Recreating it takes a couple of extra minutes, which isn’t really intuitive – that’s why we introduced a new button that allows you to duplicate a Flow with a single button click.

New Integrations

A new release means new integrations. This time, just a couple more:

  1. Autonami
  2. Autoptimize
  3. Breeze
  4. Cache Enabler
  5. Comet Cache
  6. Gravity PDF
  7. Hummingbird
  8. LiteSpeed Cache
  9. ProjectHuddle
  10. Studiocart
  11. Ultimate Member
  12. W3 Total Cache
  13. WP Fastest Cache
  14. WP-Optimize
  15. WP Rocket
  16. WP Super Cache

New triggers

To see the list of all new triggers from the integrations above, simply click on one of the links.

New actions

To see the list of all new actions from the integrations above, simply click on one of the links.

Other improvements

Furthermore, we fixed various bugs and made quite a few more improvements to make working with our plugin smoother. Since the amount of adjustments is massive, please look at our changelog if you’re interested.

For now, we really want to see how you can leverage those features to make more out of your daily automation. In case you would like to share something about this release, feel free to join our Facebook group via the following link: https://wp-webhooks.com/visit/facebook


We have tested it a thousand times, but in case you should face an issue of the integrations not being installed and/or available within the dashboard of WP Webhooks, here are two things you can consider if that happens:

  1. Make sure your license is installed and active. To install any type of integration, it is required to have an active license for WP Webhooks. If the license isn’t active, the installation of the integrations will fail. Once we can determine an active license, we automatically install your already used integrations for you.
  2. In case you are sure your license is active, but the integrations are still not installed, you can activate them locally via a temporary setting inside of the “Settings” of WP Webhooks: The setting is called “Load integrations locally” and allows you to fetch a local version of the existing integrations so that you can make sure everything works as before.
    PLEASE NOTE: If you are required to make this setting work, please contact us as this is only a temporary solution. Once we have identified your issue, we will make sure to respond to it accordingly.

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