Connect Forminator to IFTTT

Are you looking for a way to connect Forminator and IFTTT together? Then you just found your perfect solution. WP Webhooks allows you to create fully automated workflows directly within your WordPress website so that you can focus on other parts of your business.

Avaialble triggers & actions

Create your first WordPress automation using Forminator by clicking on one of the available endpoints down below.

Get started

Down below you will find further information on how to connect Forminator with IFTTT, as well as more information on what's required and where to find all other necessary information.


To use this connection, please make sure you are using the following plugins/services.


We love smooth setups. That's why we prepared some neat URLs for you that get you started immediately.

Scenario examples

To learn more about possible use cases of these two integration, we prepared some examples down below.
When a form was submitted via The Forminator Logo for our WP Webhooks integration Forminator, send data to a IFTTT webhook via The IFTTT Logo for our WP Webhooks integration IFTTT.

What's the integration?

To get a better understanding what each of the integrations is about, please take a look at the short descriptions down below.


Forminator is a standalone drag and drop form building plugin for WordPress. Make your site come alive with interactive quizzes, polls, and forms.


IFTTT allows you to create so-called Applets, which are used to create automated no-code workflows to save your time and resources.

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