Connect Make (Integromat) to Integrately

While your competitors are working hard on their growth, better don't waste any time with tedious tasks. With WP Webhooks, you can connect Make (Integromat) and Integrately together to create highly automated workflows so that you can focus your time and resources on what's really important to your business.

All triggers and actions

Connect the following triggers and actions based on your needs to create fully automated workflows using the Make (Integromat) integration. To learn more about a specific endpoint, simply click on it.

Get started

Below you will various information and helpfiles that get you started on automating Make (Integromat) with Integrately.


To use this connection, please make sure you are using the following plugins/services.


We love smooth setups. That's why we prepared some neat URLs for you that get you started immediately.

Possible use cases

Within the list down below, you will find various examples on how to connect the integrations together.
When a Make (Integromat) HTTP request was received via The Make (Integromat) Logo for our WP Webhooks integration Make (Integromat), send data to the Integrately webhook integration via The Integrately Logo for our WP Webhooks integration Integrately.

Short descriptions

In case it is unclear of what each of the integrations is about, we prepared a short explanation for both the Make (Integromat) and the Integrately integration down below.

Make (Integromat)

Make (Integromat) allows you to create automated workflows without the need of complex development. Connect your apps and services at the speed of your ideas.


Integrate your apps and services with one click. Integrately offers more than 8 million ready-made integrations for your business, to not only save time but resources.

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