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Create a connection between Ninja Forms to and let those two services talk to each other to create completely automated WordPress workflows. This helps you to automate various business processes without the need for human interaction.

Triggers and actions

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To use these integrations, please note that the following plugins/services are required:


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Scenario examples

Get inspired on how to use this integration. Down below you will find various examples with our other integrations.
When a form was submitted via The Ninja Forms Logo for our WP Webhooks integration Ninja Forms, send data to the webhook app via The Logo for our WP Webhooks integration

Integration description

To better understand what both of the Ninja Forms and the integrations are about, we prepared you two short descriptions down below.

Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms is a drag and drop form builder for WordPress that allows you to create professional forms in minutes without the need of any coding experience. allows you to connect all of your cloud services and application with their no-code workflow builder. It helps you to create optimized automation workflows to save time and resources.

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