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How To Install WP Webhooks – Easy Digital Downloads

Note: If you want to learn how WP Webhooks works, please click here.

This plugin is an extension for WP Webhooks and WP Webhooks Pro. You can install this extension in a couple of different ways. Down below, you will find these possibilities, sorted by their simplicity level.

  1. Install the core plugin: WP Webhooks
    There are two ways on how you can install it. If you use the free version, simply head over to your WordPress site, go to Plugins and click Add New. Once there, you can either search for WP Webhooks within the search field.
    If you plan on adding the pro version, you follow the same procedure, but instead of searching for the plugin, you upload the .zip file from your account page on https://wp-webhooks.com
  2. Install the extension within WP Webhooks
    After the core plugin is installed and activated, you will see a new settings menu item within your WordPress dashboard -> Settings called WP Webhooks (Pro). Please click on it and head over to the Extensions tab. There you will find the WP Webhooks – Easy Digital Downloads extension along with a lot of other extensions. Simply activate it from there.
  3. Install the extension manually
    You can also manually install the plugin. Therefore, please follow the steps of step one, just that you search for WP Webhooks – Easy Digital Downloads instead of WP Webhooks.

After you successfully installed WP Webhooks and the extension, you are ready to get started. To activate certain of the webhook endpoints, please head over to your WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> WP Webhooks -> Settings and activate the endpoints you would like to use.

Once activated, you will find the webhook endpoints within the Send Data and Receive Data tab.
If you want to learn more about their functionality, simply click on the specified webhook endpoint and read the description carefully.

Updated on August 13, 2020

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