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Introduction to WP Webhooks – Easy Digital Downloads

This plugin extends the possibilities of Easy Digital Downloads by allowing you to manage mostly everything remotely via webhooks/APIs.
To use the plugin extension, you must either have WP Webhooks or WP Webhooks Pro installed and activated.

To give you an example: Let’s assume you want to create an order (in EDD called payment) after you someone installed your software.
Usually, this wouldn’t be possible without custom development, but thanks to WP Webhooks – Easy Digital Downloads, this can be made without any big efforts.
Our plugin is also fully customizable so that you can send your data in and out of WordPress on certain events.

Another great thing about our integration: We support not only Easy Digital Downloads, but also their Recurring Payment extension, as well as the Software Licensing extension

Once you activated our extension and you configured the endpoints (If you haven’t done that yet, we recommend checking out this manual), you are ready to get started with making EDD headless.

Updated on August 12, 2020

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