Is Valid Trigger Response


This filter allows you to re-validate the currently called webhook regarding its settings. You can for example permit or restrict the webhook from being fired.

Parameter Type Description
$response array

The response data, that gets validated. You will find an example down below.

$webhook array

An array containing all of the available webhook data

$data array

The data that will be sent with the webhook.

$args array

Additional arguments for the post call.


This is how the response itself looks. If you set is_valid to true, the webhook will be fired.

$response = array(
	'success' => false,
	'is_valid' => true,
$response = apply_filters( 'wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/is_valid_trigger_response', $response, $webhook, $data, $args );


This example will demonstrate to you how to use this filter. As seen below, it will only be validated if the called webhook trigger is of the type post_updated, and the added webhook URL (The endpoint you added within the “Send Data” tab) is equal to my-url-name.

The webhook then is validated against the $data variable (which is the payload sent to your webhook endpoint) and if it is empty, the code below will prevent the webhook from being sent.

add_filter( 'wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/is_valid_trigger_response', 'wpwh_validate_webhook_trigger', 20, 5 );
function wpwh_validate_webhook_trigger( $response, $webhook, $data, $args ){

    $webhook_name = 'post_updated'; //set this to your chosen trigger endpoint
    $webhook_url_name = 'my-url-name'; //set this to your chosen webhook URL name
    $inc_webhook_name = ( is_array($webhook) && isset( $webhook['webhook_name'] ) ) ? $webhook['webhook_name'] : '';
    $inc_webhook_url_name = ( is_array($webhook) && isset( $webhook['webhook_url_name'] ) ) ? $webhook['webhook_url_name'] : '';

    //fires the webhook only if the trigger is equivaent to $webhook_name and the webhook trigger URL to $webhook_url_name
    if( $webhook_name !== $inc_webhook_name || $webhook_url_name !== $inc_webhook_url_name ){
        return $data;

    //prevent the webhook from firing if the data is empty
    if( empty( $data ) ){
        $response['is_valid'] = false;

    return $data;
Updated on January 15, 2022

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