If you want to do certain actions on your WordPress site from somewhere else, this is your plugin! It will turn your website into an optimized webhook system so that you can connect your third party apps via Zapier, automate.io or other third-party services to your WordPress website.
It allows you to receive data from other services to, for example, create a user or a post on your WordPress website, as well as it can send data for you on certain actions.
It’s time to automate your WordPress website on a whole new level!

Also check out WP Webhooks Pro. You will find more details down below.

Usage examples

  • Create a WordPress user as soon as a new signup happens on Teachable
  • Create a WordPress post using Alexa (Voice Control)
  • Create WordPress users from an Excel list
  • Send data to intercom when a user logs into your WordPress website

Features (Compare):

  • Create users and posts via external webhooks on your website (Custom post types supported)
  • Recieve data to a custom webhook action (Do whatever you want with the incoming data)
  • Send data on login, register, update and deletion
  • Send data on new post, update post and delete post
  • Authenticate every "Send data" trigger. Supported are: API Key, Bearer Token and Basic Auth
  • Add multiple Webhooks for each trigger and also for the actions
  • Test all of the available triggers with a single click
  • Fully translatable and ready for multilingual sites
  • Full WPML Support
  • Advanced Developer Hooks
  • Optimized settings page for more control
  • Supports XML, JSON, plain text/HTML and form urlencode
  • Supports Zapier, automate.io and more

Third-Party Services

We also offer our very own Apps for Zapier and Integromat

The best Pro version you have ever seen!

Sounds like a catchy title, right? Actually, it really is the truth. Why? We will show you!

  • A lot of awesome plugin features (Details down below)
  • Live-test the plugin on your website through our chatbot assistant on our website
  • In-plugin support
  • Advanced security features
  • Completely free premium extensions

Our premium features for WP Webhooks Pro

  • Create users with user meta
  • Update users and user meta
  • Delete users
  • Create posts with post meta
  • Update posts with post meta
  • Delete posts
  • IP Whitelist feature for enhanced security
  • In-plugin support

Our free premium extensions for WP Webhooks Pro

  • Create Blog Post Via Email: Yes, it will allow you to create WordPress posts via Email
  • Execute PHP Code: It is as massive as it sounds. It allows you to run php scripts through webhooks on your WordPress site
  • Remote File Control: Manage your local files on the server via webhooks. You can also create new local files from a given URL
  • Manage Media Files: Create WordPress attachments from local or remote files, delete them and much more
  • Code Trigger: This is a next-level extension. You can run code through a webhook everytime WordPress get’s called.


In case you have questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time. We also offer conculting in case you want to archive a bigger project with our plugin.

For devs

We offer you a very awesome hook system to customize everything based on your needs! Feel free to message us in case you want special features – We love to help!

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