Global Settings

Here you can configure the global settings for our plugin, enable certain features to extend the possibilities for your site, and activate your available webhook actions and triggers.

Check this button if you want to make this plugin translateable.

Advanced: By default, we delay every webhook trigger until the WordPress "shutdown" hook fires. This allows us to also keep track of the changes third-party plugins make. If you do not want that, check this box.

This feature adds additional debug information to the plugin. It logs, e.g. further details within the WordPress debug.log file about issues that occur from a configurational perspective.

Danger Zone

The settings down below are very powerful and have a huge impact to the functionality of the plugin. Please use them with caution.

Reset WP Webhooks and set it back to its default settings (Excludes license & Extensions). BE CAREFUL: Once you activate the button and click save, all of your saved data for the plugin is gone.