Action URL request received trigger

This trigger lets you send data as soon as an action URL request was received within Webhooks. Use it to create WordPress automations that help you save time and resources.

How to use the Action URL request received trigger

This section aims to help you getting started with the the Action URL request received trigger.
Simply select one of your prefered automation manuals down below and start automating your WordPress website in no time.

Filters for Action URL request received

Down below you will find a list of all available filter possibilities for the Action URL request received trigger.
Those filters can be setup for each webhook URL individually. You can use them to fire the trigger only on certain criterias.
To learn more about it, please see the Setup Guide above.
Trigger on selected Receive Data action URLs

Select only the action URLs (From within the Receive Data tab) you want to fire the trigger on. You can also choose multiple ones. If none is selected, all are triggered. The names seen are the names you chose for your action URL within the Receive Data tab.

More available endpoints

Take advantage of the other available triggers and actions for the Webhooks integration.
Learn more about a specific endpoint by clicking on it.
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