WP Webhooks Pro Nulled

Are you looking for a free WP Webhooks Pro version?

Just recently, a customer approached us about some issues with our plugin.
It showed a notice within a plugin file that wasn't actually existent in any of our versions, so we got suspicious and took a closer look, which has been very concerning:

The plugin was infected with malicious code!

But how could this happen?
After some further communication, the customer used a nulled version of our plugin, which was offered by a third-party service to avoid paying the full plugin price).
Unfortunately, he paid the price in a different way, causing him massive vulnerabilities to his website along with a big data breach.

Don't use nulled versions of WP Webhooks Pro from sketchy websites!

To avoid security vulnerabilities and other issues, avoid using nulled versions at all cost, as they can result in you loosing control over your website and data.

If you are looking for a free version of our plugin, you can check out our free version at wordpress.org, or just contact us as we are able to help you out as well.