Data Mapping

Create your own data mapping templates down below. Mapping the data allows you to redirect certain data keys to new ones to fit the standards of WP Webhooks Pro (For incoming webhook actions) or your external service (For outgoing webhook triggers). For more information, please check out the data mapping documentation by clicking here.
You currently don't have any data mapping templates available. Please create one first.
{"wpwhpro_data_mapping_value_type":{"id":"wpwhpro_data_mapping_value_type","type":"select","label":"Value Type","choices":{"key_mapping":"Mapping Key","data_value":"Data Value"},"placeholder":"","default_value":"","description":"Choose \u0022Mapping Key\u0022 if you want to use the above value to map it to the incoming data. Use \u0022Data Value\u0022 in case you want to create a new, static value."},"wpwhpro_data_mapping_convert_data":{"id":"wpwhpro_data_mapping_convert_data","type":"select","label":"Convert Data To","choices":{"none":"Choose...","string":"String","integer":"Integer","float":"Float","null":"Null","bool":"Bool"},"placeholder":"","default_value":"","description":"In case you need to convert the current value to a specific format, you can do that with this setting sitem."},"wpwhpro_data_mapping_decode_data":{"id":"wpwhpro_data_mapping_decode_data","type":"select","label":"Format value","choices":{"none":"Choose...","json_encode":"JSON Encode","json_decode":"JSON Decode","serialize":"Serialize","unserialize":"Unserialize"},"placeholder":"","default_value":"","description":"Reformat the given mapping key or value. For incoming data, use JSON Encode and Serialize to format all the data within the given key value as a encoded\/serialized string - this causes the value to be treated as a string. Use the JSON decode and unserialize values to make data available that is currently saved as a serialized\/encoded string - this is useful if the API sends over a JSON string as a value and you want to access only a single value within this JSON string - once decoded, you can access the whole data within this mapping line."},"wpwhpro_data_mapping_fallback_value":{"id":"wpwhpro_data_mapping_fallback_value","type":"text","label":"Fallback Value","placeholder":"","default_value":"","description":"In case you use the value type \u0022Mapping Key\u0022, this value will be used as a fallback mapping key in case the initial value is not available within the payload. If you use the value type \u0022Data Value\u0022, this value will be used if your given value is empty."}}
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Data Mapping Preview

You can use the preview down below to apply your data mapping template to some given data. This allows you to see instant results for your defined data mapping template. Please note that the preview uses the currently given data mapping template with all of its unsaved changes. If you want to check it with the saved changes, simply refresh the page without making changes to the mapping template.
To get started, you can simply include your JSON-, Query-, or XML-string down below. Click here to learn more.

Before Data Mapping

Apply for Send Data

Apply for Receive Data

After Data Mapping



Tag Used by Description
{:key:} Actions, Triggers By defining {:some_key:} within a Data Value field, it will be replaced by the content of the given key of the response. You can also use multiple of these tags. Example: you get the key first_name and you want to add it to the following string: "This is my first name: MYNAME", you can do the following: "This is my first name: {:first_name:}"