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Filter webhook trigger data


This filter allows you to manipulate the webhook data that will be send to a certain webhook.

Parameter Type Description
$data array

An array of the currently set data that will be later on the webhook payload.

$response array

An array of the settings if the trigger is valid or not (based on its settings).

$webhook array

The webhook data as it comes from our plugin.

$args array

Custom set http arguments that will be used for performing the wp_safe_remote_request function

$authentication_data array

An array containing the authentication type as auth_type and the authentication data array as data

$data = apply_filters( 'wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_data', $data, $response, $webhook, $args, $authentication_data );

Example callback

The example down below will allow you to manipulate the data that is sent by the post_updated trigger and only for the added webhook URL my-url-name.
You can customize them with the variables down below.
In our example, we simply add a new key to the payload called new_key with the value “This is some new data“.

add_filter( 'wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_data', 'wpwh_manipulate_outgoing_webhook_data', 20, 5 );
function wpwh_manipulate_outgoing_webhook_data( $data, $response, $webhook, $args, $authentication_data ){

    $webhook_name = 'post_updated'; //set this to your chosen trigger endpoint
    $webhook_url_name = 'my-url-name'; //set this to your chosen webhook URL name
    $inc_webhook_name = ( is_array($webhook) && isset( $webhook['webhook_name'] ) ) ? $webhook['webhook_name'] : '';
    $inc_webhook_url_name = ( is_array($webhook) && isset( $webhook['webhook_url_name'] ) ) ? $webhook['webhook_url_name'] : '';

    if( $webhook_name !== $inc_webhook_name || $webhook_url_name !== $inc_webhook_url_name ){
        return $data;

    //Customize your data construct here
    // This is an array in most cased, but can be mixed
    if( is_array( $data ) ){
        $data['new_key'] = 'This is some new data';

    return $data;
Updated on January 15, 2022

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