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How to use the WP Webhooks Pro Logs feature

The logs feature allows you to get a better understanding on which services and trigger tried to exchange data or send data in the first place to your website.
It will track every incoming and outgoing data for WP Webhooks Pro.

How to activate the logs feature
Please head over into your WordPress dashboard -> Settings -> WP Webhooks Pro -> Settings – There you will find a menu item called Activate Logs – Simply activate the checkbox and save the settings.
Once that’s done, you will see a new menu item called Logs

After you headed to the Logs tab, you will see on the left side a list with the recent 10 logs that have been registered by WP Webhooks Pro.
To see further details about them, simply click on one of the fields and you will see all log details on the right.

The details of the log show you everything related to the request.
At the bottom of the page, you can also filter through all of the log entries.
Note: The search works with an offset and number of log values to provide a faster iteration while checking the logs.

Updated on October 18, 2021

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