The future of Easy Digital Downloads is here.

Easy Digital Downloads

From eBooks, to WordPress plugins, to PDF files and more, Easy Digital Downloads make selling digital products a breeze. And the best thing: It is simple to use and free to download.


Maintaining an online shop often comes with a lot of manual and repetitive tasks that can consume a big part of your every day time and that's where automation comes in - but what if there's no integration to automate available?

WP Webhooks

That's where WP Webhooks for EDD comes in. It perfectly integrates Easy Digital Downloads with WP Webhooks to automate your shop to its full potential. And the best thing of all: It is completely free.


Down below you will find a list of all features that come with our free extension for WP Webhooks. Each features are split into groups and their available triggers and actions. Triggers allow you to send the data from your WordPress site to external services. The Actions are the counter part, which allow you to do certain actions within your website from external services.
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Download related features

Downloads are the digital products you are going sell with EDD


  • Send Data On New Download
  • Send Data On Download Update
  • Send Data On Download Deletion
  • Send Data On File Download


  • Create Downloads
  • Update Downloads
  • Delete Downloads

Customer related features

Customers are an addition to the default WordPress user by EDD


  • Send Data On New Customer
  • Send Data On Customer Update


  • Create Customer
  • Update Customer
  • Delete Customer

Payment related features

Payments are the definition for the orders within EDD


  • Send Data On New Payment
  • Send Data On Deleted Payment
  • Send Data On any Payment Status
  • Send Data On Custom Payment Status


  • Create Payment
  • Update Payment
  • Delete Payment

Discount related features

Discounts refer to the discount codes or coupon codes within EDD


  • none


  • Create Discount Code
  • Update Discount Code
  • Delete Discount Code

Subscription related features

Our plugin supports also the EDD - Recurring Payments extension


  • Send Data On New Susbcription
  • Send Data On Any Subscription Status
  • Send Data On Renewal Payment


  • Create Subscription
  • Update Subscription
  • Delete Subscription

Licensing related features

We also support the EDD - Software licensing extension for EDD


  • Send Data On License Creation
  • Send Data On License Activation
  • Send Data On License Deactivation
  • Send Data On any License Status Change


  • Create License
  • Update License
  • Renew License
  • Delete License

Get Started

Installing WP Webhooks is very simple. Down below you will find two steps to get fully started.
1Simply install our core plugin for WP Webhooks. It is available as a free version, as well as a pro version.
2Once done, you are ready to go. Our plugin automatically detects if EDD is active and displays you all available endpoints within the "Send Data" and "Receive Data" tab of WP Webhooks.
If you want to learn more on how to get started, please see our documentation for our EDD integration.