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WordPress is a free, open-source platform to create websites and blogs. It is used on more than 64 million sites and continuously grows. WP Webhooks is made for WordPress and offers amazing features right out of the box to save you time and resources. It will extend the CMS by WordPress webhooks.

Available endpoints

Down below you will find a list of all available trigger for the WordPress integration.
Send Data (Triggers)Receive Data (Actions)
Comment deleted Create a comment
Comment trashed Create a post
Comment updated Create a user
Custom action Delete a comment
Email sent Delete a post
New Comment Delete a user
New user Fire a custom action
Post created Get a post
Post deleted Get a user
Post trashed Get multiple posts
Post updated Get multiple users
Shortcode called Send an email
User deleted Set taxonomy term meta
User login Set taxonomy terms
User updated Test action
Plugin activated Pro Trash a comment
Plugin deactivated Pro Update a comment
Plugin deleted Pro Activate a plugin Pro
WordPress hook Pro Copy Folder Pro
Copy file Pro
Create URL attachment Pro
Create a file Pro
Create a folder Pro
Create a taxonomy term Pro
Create path attachment Pro
Deactivate a plugin Pro
Delete a file Pro
Delete a folder Pro
Delete attachment Pro
Fire multiple webhooks Pro
Install a plugin Pro
Move file Pro
Move folder Pro
Rename file or folder Pro
Uninstall a plugin Pro
Update a plugin Pro
Update a post Pro
Update a user Pro

All Integrations

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