What’s new in WP Webhooks Pro 6.1.3

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Since our last blog release, we silently introduced three new versions that have been part of our preparations to take the next big step in developing WP Webhooks.
To not get hung up on what’s about to come, we are going to focus on what’s already out there, thanks to our fantastic community and the effort of our team (We know you want to know what’s going to hit you, but it’s just not time yet).

Here’s what happened since our last blog post about the 6.1.0 release.

New Features

Export/Import single Flows
Share a single Flow with your team or customers, or simply use it as a backup to try some new, creative automation approaches within your Flow.

Filter against specific posts within the “Post updated” webhook
Maybe there is just that one post that should trigger a webhook request when it updates. While this is already possible within our Automation (Flows) feature using conditionals, it’s now as well possible within “Webhooks”.

Formidable submission data contains now filterable keys
Initially, the Formidable submission sends the data via an associative array (When the key is dynamically created, depending on the position in the JSON). Via a new setting, you can now turn those dynamic keys into the form field ID, making the submission field directly addressable for a more reliable data structure for dynamic forms.

Query parameter support for the “Shortcode called” trigger
This trigger is located within the “WordPress” integration and allows you to fire a webhook whenever a specific shortcode was called. Now, if you send along query parameters within your URL (e.g. yourdomain.com/?param=1&param=2), then you will be able to pass them along the webhook data.

New Integrations

16 new integrations found their way into our plugin:

  1. Advanced Coupons
  2. Bitly
  3. Bounceless
  4. Emailable
  5. Email List Verify
  6. Event Tickets
  7. Freshdesk
  8. OpenAI
  9. Stripe
  10. Tomba.io
  11. Typebot
  12. VerifyBee
  13. WooCommerce ShipStation
  14. wpForo
  15. Yoast SEO
  16. ZeroBounce

New triggers

Additional triggers that have been added along the new integration releases:

Other improvements

Apart from all those new features and integrations, we have tweaked a lot behind the scenes to make working with our plugin smoother. We have also addressed and fixed various bugs to make sure you get the best version ever. If you want to know more about the details, feel free to check out our changelog.

For now, we want to see how you can leverage those features to make more out of your daily automation. In case you would like to share something about this release, feel free to join our Facebook group via the following link: https://wp-webhooks.com/visit/facebook

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