4.3.0: October 14, 2021

New Features:

  • Create fully automated workflows using our new Flow feature
  • Added new integration for "WP Webhooks" - This will add triggers for our plugin itself
  • New webhook action endpoint to fire a webhook trigger (fire_trigger)
  • New webhook action endpoint to trigger a custom HTTP request (send_remote_post)
  • New webhook trigger endpoint to send data once an action has been fired (action_fired)

Little tweaks:

  • Automatically validate action arguments as text fields
  • Correct PHPDocs namings

Fixed issues:

  • If no content type was given within a request, the custom content type check for get_response_body() failed
  • Prevent PHP notice in case the log item did not contain a body key
  • Make sure all characters are properly JSON encoded before applying them for dynamic mapping tags
  • Properly sanitize log SQLs

For developers:

  • New function WPWHPRO()->integrations->get_integrations( $integration_slug ) to retrieve a list of all available integrations
  • The WPWHPRO()->integrations->get_triggers( $trigger_slug ) can now be used to return a a single trigger only
  • The WPWHPRO()->integrations->get_actions( $action_slug ) can now be used to return a a single action only
  • Allow custom settings to be saved on creation of a new webhook trigger
  • Added WP Background Processing library to WP Webhooks:
  • Added new function WPWHPRO()->webhook->reload_webhooks() to reload preloaded webhook settings
  • New filter wpwhpro/helpers/get_current_url to customize the dynamically available, current URL
  • New action wpwhpro/logs/add_log that fires after a log was added

4.2.3: September 02, 2021

New Features:

  • Added the new "AffiliateWP" integration (
  • New action endpoint "Add referral" for "AffiliateWP"
  • New action endpoint "Add visit" for "AffiliateWP"
  • New trigger endpoint "Affiliate status changed" for "AffiliateWP"
  • New trigger endpoint "Referral status changed" for "AffiliateWP"
  • New trigger endpoint "New Affiliate" for "AffiliateWP"
  • New trigger endpoint "New Payout" for "AffiliateWP"
  • New trigger endpoint "New Referral" for "AffiliateWP"
  • Add "Data Mapping" feature to "Format Value": Strip Slashes
  • Add "Data Mapping" feature to "Format Value": Add Slashes
  • You can now apply data mapping templates to the headers of triggers
  • New action "Update a taxonomy term" to update default and custom taxonomy terms

Little tweaks:

  • Optimized log data for triggers (better readability and header data is separate)
  • Added post permalinks to the response data of create_user, update_user, delete_user
  • Added name argument to the create_term webhook action
  • Add slashes to dynamic data mapping tags to make them compatible with JSON constructs
  • Encode special characters within the Send Data and Receive Data code examples
  • Reworked example codes for various triggers and actions
  • Apply a clickable link to the active tab
  • Tewak: On a full reset of the plugin, we now also delete every related post meta that was set with the "Trigger on initial post status change" of the Post Created trigger (wpwhpro_create_post_temp_status%)
  • On multisites, WordPress returns the site id with special characters, which broke the JSON for the user create/update triggers
  • Optimize formatting of the do_action parameter descriptions and some other misformatted breaks

Fixed issues:

  • The copy_folder() helper function for our WordPress integration did not return correct values and did not create sub files correctly
  • Undefined $this->page_name variable within the auth templates
  • If no content type was given within a request, the custom content type check for get_response_body() failed
  • In case a filter was given as a callback for an action in combination with the post delay feature, the argument wasn't returned

For developers:

  • New filter wpwhpro/integrations/integration/is_active to filter whether an integration should be considered active or not
  • New filter wpwhpro/integrations/dependency/is_active to filter whether a dependency for an integration should be considered active or not
  • Create a new executable function for whitelabel related WordPress hooks: WPWHPRO()->whitelabel->execute();
  • Create a new handler class and a new executable function for authentication related WordPress hooks: WPWHPRO()->extensions->execute();
  • Create a new executable function for authentication related WordPress hooks: WPWHPRO()->auth->execute();
  • Create a new executable function for data mapping related WordPress hooks: WPWHPRO()->data_mapping->execute();
  • Add new executable function for outsourcing feature related WordPress hooks to their class files for a more controlled handling
  • Add the definition of the private variable $pre_action_values for the following triggers: deleted_user, post_delete, post_update
  • The validate_path() function within our WordPress helper class now validates against absolute paths
  • Add new argument $additional_args to the following function: WPWHPRO()->webhook->built_url( $webhook, $api_key, $additional_args = array() );
  • The WPWHPRO()->logs->add_log() function now returns the id of the newly created log
  • Added asynchronous job feature using WPWHPRO()->async->new_process()
  • The WPWHPRO()->sql->run() function now allows you to return a given id for a newly created entry
  • New SQL function to check for a column: WPWHPRO()->sql->column_exists( $table_name, $column_name )

4.2.2: June 26, 2021

  • Feature: Add "Paid Memberships Pro" integration (
  • Feature: Add "Advanced Custom Fields" integration (
  • Feature: Add "Newsletter" integration (
  • Feature: Add "HappyForms" integration (
  • Feature: Add "Fluent Forms" integration (
  • Feature: Add "Forminator" integration (
  • Feature: Add "Formidable Forms" integration (
  • Feature: New trigger "Membership canceled" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New trigger "Membership expired" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New trigger "Order created" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New trigger "Order updated" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New trigger "Order deleted" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New trigger "Form submitted" for "Newsletter"
  • Feature: New trigger "Form submitted" for "HappyForms"
  • Feature: New trigger "Form submitted" for "Fluent Forms"
  • Feature: New trigger "Form submitted" for "Forminator"
  • Feature: New trigger "Form submitted" for "Formidable Forms"
  • Feature: New action "Add user to membership" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New action "Remove user from membership" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New action "Get user membership" for "Paid Memberships Pro"
  • Feature: New action "Update options page" for "Advanced Custom Fields"
  • Tweak: New optimized and reworked webhook descriptions
  • Tweak: Assign attachment metadata to the create_path_attachment and create_url_attachment action responses
  • Fix: Using the manage_term_meta action in combination with a numeric slug caused the slug to be the id instead
  • Fix: The Comment Update webhook action caused a redirect when clicking on the description tab
  • Fix: Elementor notice was thrown in case the widget type was not defined iwhtin a specific object
  • Dev: The function WPWHPRO()->acf->manage_acf_meta( 0, '', option ) now supports custom option pages
  • Dev: New function WPWHPRO()->webhook->get_endpoint_description( $type = 'trigger', $data = array() ) to dynamically load descriptions

4.2.1: June 23, 2021

  • Feature: Add "Elementor" integration (
  • Feature: Add "Ninja Forms" integration (
  • Feature: Add "WP Simple Pay" integration (
  • Tweak: Display integration icon next to trigger and action title
  • Tweak: Add the plugin version within the footer of WP Webhooks
  • Tweak: Remove unnecessary headlines within the "Send Data" tab
  • Tweak: Apply single array filter for incoming values only to strings
  • Fix: Remove duplicated ids notices
  • Fix: Prevent EDD Purchase Receipt email from being sent even though "send_receipt" was set to "no"
  • Fix: The triggers edd_new_customer and edd_update_customer did not work properly due to a wrong check for a non-existent function
  • Dev: New helper function WPWHPRO()->helpers->get_nonce_field( $nonce ) to fetch a nonce with a random id
  • Dev: Add two new sql query tags: {posts} and {postmeta}

4.2.0: June 09, 2021

  • Feature: New webhook action create_term to create taxonomy terms
  • Feature: New webhook trigger wordpress_hook that can fire on any kind of WordPress hook
  • Feature: Add "Gravity Form" integration
  • Feature: Add "WPForms" integration
  • Feature: Add "WP Reset" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Manage Plugins" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Email integration" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Woocommerce" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Comments" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Manage Taxonomy Terms" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Remote File Control" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Manage Media Files" integration to core
  • Feature: Add "Easy Ditigal Downloads" integration to core
  • Feature: Switch triggers and actions to an integration-based setup
  • Feature: Allow integration-based grouping for actions and triggers
  • Feature: Add beautified namings to webhook actions
  • Feature: Setting to toggle WP Webhooks between a sub menu item or a menu item in the main admin menu
  • Tweak: Show the status of a webhook trigger or action next to the table item (green/red dot)
  • Tweak: Display JSON constructs for webhook triggers instead of array notations
  • Tweak: Add support for post trigger delay towpwhh_shortcode trigger
  • Tweak: Allow pretty-printing for Receive Data responses
  • Tweak: Sort triggers and actions by name
  • Tweak: Optimize performance for logging feature (duplicated "if exists" statement)
  • Tweak: Optimize performance for data mappig feature (duplicated "if exists" statement)
  • Tweak: Optimize performance for authentication feature (duplicated "if exists" statement)
  • Tweak: Update our core updater class to the newest standard
  • Tweak: Optimize performance of settings tab
  • Tweak: Optimize descriptions for the manage_meta_data argument
  • Tweak: Optimize performance of log feature
  • Tweak: Optimize performance of authentication feature
  • Tweak: Optimize performance of data mapping feature
  • Fix: If a custom URL port is used, the get_current_url() helper function returned the URL without the port
  • Fix: Log page caused Fatal error if less than 20 logs have been present
  • Dev: Support centralized support for post-delayed triggers
  • Dev: Make callback argument for triggers optional to support the integration based notation
  • Dev: Make post delay filter wpwhpro/post_delay/post_delay_triggers more accessible - we added the webhook_group name and the webhook object
  • Dev: New, public function WPWHPRO()->data_mapping->maybe_setup_data_mapping_table()
  • Dev: New, public function WPWHPRO()->auth->maybe_setup_authentication_table()
  • Dev: New, public function WPWHPRO()->logs->maybe_setup_logs_table()
  • Dev: New helper function WPWHPRO()->helpers->get_folders( $path ) to retrieve a list of folders from a given path
  • Dev: New helper function WPWHPRO()->helpers->get_files( $path, $ignore = array() ) to retrieve a list of files from a given path
  • Dev: New action wpwhpro/integrations/callbacks_registered which fires after all integration callbacks have been registered

4.1.2: May 01, 2021

  • Tweak: Optimize performance for logs page due to a duplicated query
  • Tweak: Update EDD core updater from v1.6.17 to v1.6.19

4.1.1: May 01, 2021

  • Feature: Allow the "Send Data on Post Update" to only trigger on specific post statuses
  • Tweak: Correct naming of authentication title and description
  • Fix: When no plugin updates have been available, the extension page threw a fatal error
  • Fix: In case extensions have been installed, there was no default return available for actions without a valid parameter

4.1.0: April 15, 2021

  • Feature: New webhook triggger wpwh_shortcode which allows you to fire a webhook using a shortcode
  • Feature: The logs now track the response data of webhook actions as well
  • Feature: Add pagination to logs
  • Feature: Allow a custom bearer token scheme for auth templates
  • Tweak: Better handling for webhook action responses (centralized through a new filter)
  • Tweak: Correct response data for successful delete_post webhook
  • Tweak: Add internal slug to triggers for better usability
  • Fix: The JSON example within the bulk_webhooks action was not a alid JSON
  • Fix: Log count function was not always returning the proper values on cached function calls
  • Fix: $response_data for trigger overwrote response if multiple webhooks have been used within webhook trigger groups
  • Dev: Switch webhooks to separate classes for a better and more constrolled handling

4.0.1: April 04, 2021

  • Feature: "Send Data On Post Update" can now be triggered only on specific post statuses
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On Register" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On Login" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On User Update" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On User Deletion" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On New Post" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On Post Update" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On Post Deletion" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "Send Data On Post Trash" trigger
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "get_users" action
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "get_user" action
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "get_posts" action
  • Feature: Full ACF integration for the "get_post" action
  • Feature: Add filter for webhook URL on webhook triggers
  • Tweak: Optimize texts
  • Fix: Data Mapping: If you used a JSON within the mapping field, it did not show up on loading the settings
  • Dev: Trigger settings required the default_value to not be prefilled with a 1, now not anymore
  • Dev: New filter for the data mapping default return value
  • Dev: New filter for the data mapping return value

4.0.0: March 12, 2021

  • Feature: Fully reworked and optimized design
  • Feature: Allow updating a user via the user_login argument
  • Feature: Secure webhook actions with Basic Auth and API Keys
  • Feature: New argument load_taxonomies for the get_posts action to also return the assigned taxonomies of your choice
  • Feature: For the whitelabel feature, you can now also hide the Logs, Authentication, IP Whitelist, as well as the Data Mapping
  • Feature: New webhook action setting to apply data mapping template to action response
  • Feature: Add support for multipart/form-data
  • Feature: Add action setting to whitelist only specific Request methods for incoming data
  • Feature: Integrate details to each action argument (Popup)
  • Feature: Add IP Address wildcard whitelisting
  • Feature: Introduce log versioning
  • Feature: Add new webhook property called "webhook_url_name" to webhook trigger and action calls and logs
  • Feature: Add new key to trigger response data called body_validated, which shows the original body filtered and validated for further use
  • Feature: New trigger setting to apply data mapping template to the new trigger response for the body_validated key
  • Tweak: Data Mapping is integrated into the core and always active
  • Tweak: Authentication is integrated into the core and always active
  • Tweak: Optimize menu setup and group related menu items
  • Tweak: Integrate Authentication into core, always active, and remove activate/deactivate possibility
  • Tweak: Integrate Data Mapping into core, always active, and remove activate/deactivate possibility
  • Tweak: On plugin reset, also deactivate the domain on the license
  • Tweak: Add New, dynamic news feed
  • Tweak: Optimize licensing functionality
  • Tweak: Optimize whitelabel settings descriptions
  • Tweak: All actions and triggers are active by default
  • Tweak: Make trigger response connectable by using the trigger name as an array key
  • Tweak: Optimize performance for previously available active_webhooks feature
  • Tweak: Optimized deletion of logs (New capabilities are in place to decide who is allowed to delete logs)
  • Tweak: Optimize webhook action return values
  • Tweak: Optimize webhok action return value description
  • Fix: Data Mapping templates using the blacklist setting for incoming action templates caused to not work properly
  • Fix: Authentication for API tokens did not work properly if the API token was added only to the header
  • Fix: Add manage_meta_data argument description to the update_post webhook action
  • Fix: Issue with same id namings within the "Receive Data" tab
  • Fix: Optimize backwards compatibility for post status changes to also fire on multiple webhooks
  • Fix: Integrated logs into core - they're always active now
  • Fix: Notice with undefined identkey variable
  • Fix: Not all data of WP Webhooks Pro has been reset on the reset feature
  • Fix: Make WP Webhooks Pro name dynamic for whitelabel feature on the Whitelist tab
  • Dev: New helper function get_current_request_method()
  • Dev: New function do delete single logs: WPWHPRO()->logs->delete_log( $log_id = 'all' );
  • Dev: New function WPWHPRO()->webhook->get_current__webhook_action() to fetch the webhook action in case the current instance runs on an incoming webhook call
  • Dev: New filter wpwhpro/webhooks/get_current_webhook_action
  • Dev: Deprecated WPWHPRO()->settings->get_active_webhooks() and WPWHPRO()->settings->setup_active_webhooks()
  • Dev: Add new webhook property called $webhook_url_name to default webhook trigger data
  • Dev: Add new function WPWHPRO()->settings->get_whitelabel_settings_option_key() to fetch the whitelabel settings option key
  • Dev: Extend wpwhpro/helpers/validate_response_body filter by another variable called $custom_data
  • Dev: New helper function to fetch server header: WPWHPRO()->helpers->validate_server_header( 'key' )
  • Dev: Place the authentication response on the right position (after the webhook authentication)

3.1.1: November 12, 2020

  • Fix: Data Mapping with old templates contained a compatibility issue causing the mapped value fields to be empty
  • Fix: Missing description for user_delete webhook trigger $user object

3.1.0: November 06, 2020

  • Feature: Full ACF support for create_post, update_post, create_user, update_user webhook actions (New argument manage_acf_data)
  • Feature: Completely reworked meta functionality for create_post, update_post, create_user, update_user webhook actions (New argument manage_meta_data)
  • Feature: Add post meta data to get_posts webbhook action as a separate argument (load_meta)
  • Feature: Added the possibility to serialize and JSON encode a value within the data mapping template (Added within the "Format Value" setting)
  • Feature: Create multi-level data payloads within your data mapping template for webhook triggers (Send Data) - (Set a JSON as the value and select JSON Decode within the Format value setting)
  • Feature: New webhook action (bulk_webhooks) - It allows you to send multiple webhook requests within a single webhook call. It supports internal and external URLs and is fully compatible will all features of WP Webhooks
  • Tweak: correct webhook response grammar mistakes
  • Tweak: Optimize Data Mapping Key Settings Descriptions
  • Tweak: Optimize the data mapping description
  • Tweak: Optimize webhook action responses for create_user, update_user, create_post, update_post
  • Tweak: Deprecated argument meta_input on create_post and update_post webhook actions (It's backwards compatible)
  • Tweak: Deprecated argument user_meta on create_user and update_user webhook actions (It's backwards compatible)
  • Tweak: Optimize the functionality on the create_post action setting for firing on the initial post status change
  • Tweak: Correct wrong texts all over the plugin
  • Tweak: As of the WP 5.5 release, the $user object is sent over with the deleted_user hook: - We made the new variable compatible
  • Fix: A notice appeared due to a string validation on an object for the deprecated user_meta argument
  • Fix: The create_post webhook action in combination with firing on the post status change, caused the post not to be triggered on a post update
  • Fix: Correct wrongly assigned nickname variable check on the create_user and update_user webhook actions
  • Fix: Correct notice with indefined variable within the webhook action logic
  • Fix: PHP warning: SimpleXMLElement::addChild() expects parameter 2 to be string, object given - It occured within the convert_to_xml() function and is now fixed
  • Fix: In some cases, the data value, within data mapping templates, was not decoded if the value format was chosen after the JSON Decode setting was activated and saved
  • Fix: On some JSON decode and unserialize excutes within the data mapping template for the "Format value" settings, the data was not unserialized/decoded if there was no mapping keys defined after - it also threw a PHP notice
  • Dev: New helper class to check if a given plugin is installed ( is_plugin_installed() )
  • Dev: New helper class to check if a given plugin is active ( is_plugin_active() )

3.0.7: September 22, 2020

  • Tweak: Add import_id to the create_post webhook action
  • Tweak: Added permalink to the following triggers: post_create, post_update, post_delete and post_trash
  • Fix: Correct naming for data mapping setting
  • Dev: Introduced new handler function echo_action_data() to centralize the output of a webhook action
  • Dev: Extend the wpwhpro/webhooks/response_response_type filter by a new argument: $args (
  • Dev: The echo_response_data() function now returns the validated data as well

3.0.6: July 01, 2020

  • Feature: Fully reworked data mapping engine with tons of new features (It's backwards compatible, of course):
  • Feature: Data Mapping template can now control which keys are send within the payload. This way you can control the size of the outgoing data
  • Feature: Data Mapping dynamic tags can now be used for both keys and values
  • Feature: New Data Mapping setting to unserialize a serialized array or object
  • Feature: Set a Fallback value for Data Mapping Keys and values
  • Feature: Data Mapping keys and values can not be formatted to string, integer, bool, float and null
  • Feature: Whitelabel feature for WP Webhooks Pro: (
  • Tweak: Optimized layout
  • Tweak: Correct comments
  • Tweak: Strip slashes from data mapping templates
  • Tweak: Optimized licensing error messages
  • Tweak: Correct variable naming for map_data_to_template() of $webhook_type
  • Tweak: Revalidate JSON within the JSON string to encode certain characters
  • Fix: Attempt to assign property of non-object - is now fixed for the data mapping feature
  • Fix: Issue with wrong naming for the "Send Data" setup on the demo user payload for the user_meta key
  • Dev: get_response_body() helper now supports manual data entry as a payload and content type
  • Dev: New filter: wpwhpro/settings/data_mapping_template_settings (
  • Dev: New filter: wpwhpro/settings/data_mapping_key_settings (
  • Dev: WPWHPRO()->license->update() accepts now custom attributes as well

3.0.5: July 01, 2020

  • Feature: Add user meta to the get_user webhook action
  • Feature: Added trigger response data to the log feature and some further data optimizations
  • Feature: The custom_action trigger got a rework and now uses apply_filters() instead of do_action - this allows you to also catch the response (the logic is backwards compatible, so you can still continue to use your existing logic)
  • Feature: Allow modification of the http arguments within the custom_action webhook action (separate variable for the apply_filters() call)
  • Feature: Allow the percentage character within webhook trigger URLs
  • Feature: Add separate object and array array serialization to the user/post meta data (Applicable for the following webhook actions: create_user, update_user, create_post, update_post)
  • Feature: Add user meta data to the get_users webhook action response
  • Feature: New trigger setting to allow unsafe looking URLs (By default, URL's like are prevented from being sent for your security)
  • Feature: New trigger setting to allow unverified SSL connections (In case you have a self-signed URL, you can prevent the default SSL check for each webhook)
  • Feature: New data mapping action for decoding a JSON string within the webhook response to make each entry accessible
  • Tweak: Optimized log layout
  • Tweak: Optimized data structure for the log feature
  • Tweak: Optimize PHPDocs
  • Fix: The same webhook names for different triggers broke the settings popup
  • Fix: the delete_post webhook action contained a wrongly formatted error message
  • Fix: Prevalidate json within the is_json() helper function to prevent notices within the debug.log file
  • Dev: Added the trigger group slug to the wpwhpro/admin/settings/webhook/page_capability filter (currently the trigger was only sent by its name which is not unique without the trigger group)
  • Dev: Added new handler function for generating the API keys
  • Dev: New filter to manipulate the API key: wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/generate_api_key (

3.0.4: May 11, 2020

  • Feature: New webhook trigger that sends data on trashing a post (custom post types supported)
  • Feature: The tax_input argument for create_post/update_post actions now supports JSON formatted strings
  • Feature: Added taxnomies as well to post_delete trigger
  • Feature: Added full post thumbnail URL to the post_create, post_update and post_delete trigger
  • Feature: Extend demo data for post_create, post_update and post_delete trigger
  • Feature: Add digest authentication for authentication templates
  • Tweak: Added the already existing parameters to the parameter description of the post_delete trigger
  • Tweak: Optimized all webhook descriptions and texts
  • Tweak: Remove test array from extensions ajax feedback
  • Tweak: Optimize layout for the webhook action argument list
  • Fix: Taxonomies haven't been sent over on post_create and post_update trigger

3.0.3: March 17, 2020

  • Feature: EXTENSION MANAGEMENT - You can now manage all extensions for WP Webhooks and WP Webhooks Pro within our plugin via a new tab (Install, Activate, Deactivate, Upgrade, Delete)
  • Feature: Whitelist webhook actions for single webhooks - This allows you to restrict the access of webhooks actions for single webhook action URL's
  • Feature: the arguments post_date and post_date_gmt on the create_post/update_post webhook actions accept now any kind of date format (we automatically convert it to Y-m-d H:i:s)
  • Feature: Introducton to a new settings item called "Activate Debug Mode" - It will provide further debug.log information about malformed data structures and more
  • Tweak: Repositioning of the logging feature for incoming webhooks AFTER the webhook token authentication
  • Tweak: Remove post_modified and post_modified_gmt parameter from the create_post webhook action since they are non-functional (
  • Tweak: Support for meta data for attachments on create_post and update_post webhook actions
  • Tweak: Reposition fetching of the action parameter for incoming webhook requests
  • Tweak: Optimized layout for the plugin admin area
  • Tweak: Optimize webhook action response text in case there wasn't any action defined
  • Fix: create_if_none bug on update_post webhook cation (In case a post ID was given and there was no post related to it, a post was still created, even without defining the create_if_none argument)
  • Dev: Add new helper function to check if a plugin is installed

3.0.2: March 29, 2020

  • Feature: Full reworked webhook descriptions (You WILL love them!)
  • Feature: Add user data and user meta as well to the deleted_user trigger
  • Tweak: Optimized tab descriptions
  • Tweak: Optimized stylings
  • Tweak: Add post details + meta as well for attachment deletions
  • Fix: Post details + meta haven't been available on the post_delete trigger
  • Fix: Prevent custom HTML within the log data from destroying the layout
  • Dev: Add the $user variable to the do_action argument for the get_user webhook action
  • Dev: Add the $return_args variable to the do_action argument for the create_post webhook action

3.0.1: March 08, 2020

  • Feature: New webhook trigger setting to change the request method. Supported: POST (Default), GET, HEAD, PUT, DELETE, TRACE, OPTIONS, PATCH
  • Tweak: Optimize certain layout parts
  • Tweak: Display webhook name and technical name within the Settings popup
  • Fix: On reset of WP Webhooks Pro, the authentication data was not removed
  • Fix: meta values that should be serialized from a JSON haven't been serialized properly.
  • Dev: Deprecated trigger secret (Can be set only with WordPress hooks) - Why? Due to confusion and too specific usecases

3.0.0: February 10, 2020

  • Feature: Completely refactored any optimized layout
  • Feature: GET parameters are now accepted as well as action arguments (Only in real GET calls)
  • Feature: New authentication engine: You can now authenticate every webhook trigger for external APIS using API Key, Bearer Token or Basic Auth
  • Feature: New webhook action called "custom_action", which allows you to handle every incoming data within a WordPress add_action() hook
  • Feature: Change the webhook URL you want to use for testing actions within the "Receive Data" page
  • Feature: Custom tag system to map other Payload fields together to a single string within the Data Mapping Engine
  • Tweak: Added the action argument as well the the argument list within the "Receive Data" tab
  • Tweak: Added the action argument as well to the testing form for webhook actions within the "Receive Data" tab
  • Tweak: Completely refactored settings saving process for a smooth UI experience
  • Tweak: PHP Docs have been optimized
  • Tweak: Placeholder logic is not integrated with dynamic settings fields for "Send Data" settings
  • Tweak: Whitelist has now as well a beautified version for displaying JSON data
  • Tweak: The webhook triggers within the "Send Data" tab show now as well the internal webhook name (in brackets)
  • Tweak: We changed all checkboxes through neat toggles for a better usability
  • Tweak: Optimize layout for Helpers Tags on Data Mapping Page
  • Tweak: Rearrange setting items
  • Fix: API key field was missing after adding a new action URL
  • Fix: Corrected certain typos
  • Dev: Added new filter to manipulate post-delayed triggers: wpwhpro/post_delay/post_delay_triggers (Prevent webhook triggers from firing or add your own ones)
  • Dev: Add multiple arguments to the post_to_webhook()-functions WordPress actions
  • Dev: wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_http_args has now two more arguments: $webhook, $authentication_data
  • Dev: wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_trigger_sent has now more arguments

2.2.0: January 28, 2020

  • Fix: Throw 403 http error accordingly on authentications
  • Tweak: Optimize error messages for authentication

2.1.9: January 27, 2020

  • Feature: Import/Export of Data Mapping templates
  • Feature: The webhook authentication process is now also fully JSON ready and returns a JSON as a response
  • Tweak: A failed authentication now also returns a 200 error code instead of 403
  • Tweak: Settings layout is now better readable

2.1.8: January 17, 2020

  • Feature: Allow the custom webhook trigger to send data only to certain webhooks using the secondary $webhook_names variable: do_action( 'wp_webhooks_send_to_webhook', $custom_data, $webhook_names );
  • Tweak: Add $update variable to "do_action" argument of the update_user endpoint
  • Tweak: Optimize webhook descriptions for certain triggers and actions
  • Fix: Correct password creation logic for creating a user
  • Fix: Triggers didn't fire on creating or updating an attachment
  • Fix: Generate password as well on user_update if user does not exist and create_if_none is set to yes
  • Fix: The custom action trigger contained a custom action that was fired as well on post deletion

2.1.7: December 16, 2019

  • Feature: Display new table field for only the API key
  • Feature: Added new webhook trigger that fires after a user was deleted
  • Tweak: Better support for our new Zapier App 2.0.0

2.1.6: November 27, 2019

  • Feature: Send post taxonomies along with post creade and update trigger
  • Tweak: Clear input fields after adding new trigger
  • Tweak: Update plugin updater class

2.1.5: November 15, 2019

  • Feature: Activate/Deactivate single webbhook triggers
  • Feature: Post-delay webhook triggers. (Triggers are fired before PHP shuts down to catch plugin changes)
  • Feature: Post-delay setting to deactivate the functionality
  • Tweak: Optimize PHPDocs

2.1.4: November 06, 2019

  • Feature: Add webhook name field (slug) to the webhook trigger URL's
  • Feature: Add webhook name to the webhook trigger headers
  • Tweak: Add additional parameters to the authorization hook
  • Tweak: Optimize webhook description for "get_user" action
  • Fix: Get user response gave success back if no user was found
  • Fix: Create user on update_user webhook doesn't work properly
  • Dev: Adjust WordPress hook priority for incoming data from 10 to 100

2.1.2: October 20, 2019

  • Feature: Introduce exclusive Zapier extension (Early access)
  • Feature: Introduce new polling feature for next-level Zapier triggers

2.1.1: October 12, 2019

  • Fix: Bump new version to readme and main files

2.1.0: October 12, 2019

  • Feature: Deactivate and Activate webhook action URL's
  • Feature: Add the previous post data to the "Send Data on Post Update" trigger response
  • Feature: New webhook actions to search/retrieve post(s) within a third party services
  • Feature: New webhook actions to search/retrieve user(s) within a third party services
  • Teak: Optimized and simplified backend layout
  • Tweak: Add webhook name for action and triggers to the webhook settings as data itself (This allows better targeting of webhook manipulations)
  • Tweak: Add webhook name to every single log within out logging feature
  • Tweak: Include fallback logic for non-working JSON contructs that include unicode characters
  • Tweak: Optimize packend docs and WordPress code standards
  • Fix: Remove unncessary var_dump()-calls within our backend tabs

2.0.5: August 31, 2019

  • Feature: Protect your webhook actions using an access token
  • Feature: Support Woocommerce post status on default post status features like sending a trigger on post creation with a certain status
  • Tweak: Correct management of post and user meta values to also send them within the triggers as existing meta values
  • Tweak: Made action_delete_user function public
  • Fix: Fixed bug with non-working do_action parameter on create/update user action
  • Fix: Issue with non working "Send data on user login" due to wrong interpreted user parameter
  • Dev: New filter for webhook trigger data: wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_data

2.0.4: August 09, 2019

  • Feature: Trigger create_post webhook if the initial status of the post changes
  • Tweak: Optimize PHPDocs
  • Fix: Non-working action testing forms in case https was active
  • Dev: New helper function for safe-redirecting the home url
  • Dev: Optimize WordPress coding standards

2.0.3: August 01, 2019

  • Tweak: Added phpdocs for data mapping template
  • Tweak: Optimize meta value sanitation for allowing a bigger variety of values
  • Fix: Correct description of trigger setting for frontend limitations

2.0.2: July 26, 2019

  • Feature: Allow user deletion from whole multisite network
  • Feature: Add post author to create/update post action with the user id OR the email address
  • Tweak: Optimize webhook descriptions

2.0.1: June 30, 2019

  • Fix: When using update_user action in combination with create_if_none, the user was not aadded

2.0.0: June 30, 2019

  • Feature: Webhook actions are ajax ready
  • Feature: Data Mapping Engine to change data keys for triggers and actions and create new values
  • Feature: Settings Engine for webhook actions
  • Feature: Complete overhaul for the log functionality
  • Feature: Security question before deleting an action or trigger
  • Fix: Fix text bugs
  • Fix: Debug warning if json data is parsed as an array and not as a string
  • Fix: Solve bug with not read user meta data when raw json is given
  • Fix: Fix issue with not correctly applied text domain for translation functions
  • Fix: Non existent translation within the Send Data Tab for the "Add button"
  • Dev: New filter wpwhpro/helpers/request_return_value
  • Dev: New filter wpwhpro/settings/required_action_settings
  • Dev: New filter wpwhpro/admin/settings/data_mapping_table_data
  • Dev: New action wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_action_after_settings

1.6.7: May 31, 2019

1.6.6: May 25, 2019

  • Tweak: Remove strip slashes settings item (It's not too common so we use only the filter instead)

1.6.5: May 23, 2019

  • Feature: Send your triggers in different content types. Supported types: JSON (Default), XML, X-WWW-FORM-URLENCODE
  • Feature: Create serialized arrays as post meta values for users and posts on the following actions: create_user, create_post, update_user, update_post
  • Fix: Correct menu item name from "Receive Data" to "Receive Data"
  • Fix: Remove sanitation from parsed user password to not change it at all (create_user and update_user trigger)
  • Dev: New filter to strip slashes on responses: wpwhpro/helpers/request_values_stripslashes
  • Dev: New filter for the new convert_to_xml function to change the prefix: wpwhpro/helpers/convert_to_xml_int_prefix
  • Dev: Filter for manipulating the required webhook trigger settings: wpwhpro/settings/required_trigger_settings
  • Dev: Filter to change the simplexml data: wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/simplexml_data

1.6.4: April 24, 2019

  • Feature: Introduce new webhook trigger settings - You can now set custom rules for each of your webhook triggers
  • Feature: Confirm action before deleting a trigger webhook
  • Feature: Reset WP Webhook data via the settings
  • Feature: Added a new webhook trigger that fires after a custom WordPress action hook was called. ( Send Data On Custom Action )
  • Feature: Introduce new default settings for the following webhooks: Send Data On New Post, Send Data On Post Update, Send Data On Post Deletion
  • Feature: Introduce new settings to fire a trigger only on certain post types for the following webhooks: Send Data On New Post, Send Data On Post Update, Send Data On Post Deletion
  • Tweak: Add post data and post meta data to the post_delete trigger
  • Tweak: Optimize process for generated webhook trigger id's
  • Tweak: Change post_delete trigger from after_delete_post to delete_post
  • Tweak: Optimize response for custom action after certain webhooks
  • Tweak: Optimize phpDocs
  • Tweak: Optimize Send Data tab
  • Tweak: Improve the displayed values for single webhook trigger responses
  • Fix: Fix issue of not visible whitelist and log tabs after saving the settings
  • Dev: Introduce optimized handler for posting data to a webhook. You can now also parse the whole webhook array construct
  • Dev: Add new webhook default settings api
  • Dev: Add new webhook settings api
  • Dev: Introduce new update function for updating webhook data

1.6.3: April 13, 2019

  • Feature: Webhook log - Display send and received requests
  • Feature: Optimized headers for "Send Data" triggers
  • Feature: Add Signature for "Send Data" triggers through new settings option
  • Tweak: Optimize backend layout#
  • Dev: Add new filter wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/get_hooks for filtering active webhooks
  • Dev: Add new filter wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_http_args for filtering the "Send Data" http arguments
  • Dev: Add new action wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/webhook_trigger_sent after a trigger was sent

1.6.2: March 23, 2019

  • Tweak: Better plugin initialization
  • Tweak: Optimize text

1.6.1: March 20, 2019

  • Feature: Test the webhook directly out of the plugin
  • Feature: Return the action name in case no webhook is set for a better debugging
  • Tweak: Add new license expired notice
  • Dev: Add filter for the response body (The data that gets send back to the webhook caller)

1.6.0: March 9, 2019

  • Fix: Home content was displayed when custom settings page was registered
  • Fix: Fatal error on some plugin activations: Fatal error: Can't use method return value in write context

1.5.9: March 1, 2019

  • Feature: Add our new Assistant Bot to our plugin. It will help you to solve tons of things directly from your dashboard.
  • Feature: New action webhook to test fucntionality.

1.5.8: February 28, 2019

  • Feature: New response field inside of actions to see what data you can expect to come back.
  • Feature: New sent data field inside of triggers to see which data gets send after a trigger fires.
  • Feature: Allow JSON for custom user meta and post meta for a better handling of complex values.
  • Tweak: Optimized Response data for a clearer overview (Please make sure you check your webhooks before updating)
  • Tweak: Compatibility handler for not correctly set SERVER_NAME var in $_SERVER while grabbing the current url
  • Tweak: Optimized Performance
  • Tweak: Optimized PHPDocs for various functions
  • Tweak: Add user meta to create and update user response
  • Tweak: Add post meta and tax inout to create and update post reponse
  • Fix: Correct wording issues
  • Fix: force_delete for post delete response returned post id instead of boolean
  • Dev: New hook wpwhpro/webhooks/response_json_arguments (
  • Dev: New hook wpwhpro/webhooks/response_response_type (
  • Dev: New hook wpwhpro/admin/webhooks/default_webhook_name (

1.5.7: February 12, 2019

  • Feature: Add whitelist feature for enhanced security
  • Feature: Add support for xml response
  • Feature: Add $response_data to user various trigger wp hooks
  • Tweak: Optimized license handler
  • Tweak: Optimize settings tab
  • Tweak: Optimize updater class
  • Tweak: Validate action nonce data
  • Tweak: Optimize code quality and PHPDocs
  • Fix: Issue with displaying changes on main plugin update page
  • Fix: Set specified content type header on dynamic request type
  • Fix: Plugin updater issue (On multisites the updater didn't work)
  • Fix: Undefined notice with certain configurations of plugin data for the delete_post action webhook

1.5.6: January 27, 2019

  • Fix: Correct version values

1.5.5: January 27, 2019

  • Tweak: Introduce new updater handler for extensions
  • Tweak: Optimize invalid/inactive license notifications
  • Tweak: Change namespace definitions
  • Tweak: Optimize PHPDocs

1.5.4: January 26, 2019

  • Feature: Add support for application/json
  • Feature: Add support for application/xml
  • Feature: Add support for x-www-form-urlencoded (native)
  • Feature: Add support for text/html via our new tag engine
  • Feature: Add support for text/plain via our new tag engine
  • Feature: Add new tag engine for text and html validation

1.5.3: January 23, 2019

  • Feature: Add new taxonomy create/delete framework to create_post and update_post
  • Feature: New possibility to create a user on update if it doesn't exist as an attribute
  • Feature: Create better response for the create post and update post trigger (Send Data)
  • Feature: Create better response for the create post and update post action (Receive Data)
  • Feature: Add error data to action response on update_user
  • Tweak: Optimize some functions for a better WordPress standard
  • Tweak: New handling of various key components for actions ($_GET)
  • Tweak: Optimize Rich editing value
  • Tweak: Optimize short description of the update_post action (Receive data)
  • Tweak: Optimize description of the delete_user action (Receive data)
  • Tweak: Optimize short description of the create_post action (Receive data)
  • Dev: Add functionality for parsing custom arguments to the post_to_webhook function for wp_remote_post
  • Fix: Remove PHP Notice when no webhook is set for some send_data actions
  • Fix: Webhook action urls were not deletable
  • Fix: Create different response message for updated user action (Receive Data)
  • Fix: When a post was set to update_post and create_if_none was true, then it always created a new post
  • Fix: Correct and optimize webhook descriptions
  • Fix: Fix issue with deleting a user if an email is given instead of a user id

1.5.2: January 15, 2019

  • Tweak: Include fallback response if an action is not set or the action function is missing
  • Tweak: Optimize PHPDocs and the documentation in general
  • Tweak: Include new UTM Links
  • Tweak: Improve way of providing response json (die)
  • Fix: Fix issue with deleting posts
  • Fix: Clear issue with undefined indec notice for triggers if no trigger is set
  • Fix: Undefined index notice after a license was not available anymore
  • Fix: corrected wrongly spelled words
  • Fix: Response issue on some action requests

1.5.1: January 13, 2019

  • Feature: New function for creating an automated username via the create_user webhook
  • Feature: Global handler for action response json (Now we validate the response as a json with multiple data fields.
  • Tweak: Optimized PHPDocs and better webhook descriptions
  • Tweak: Optimize demo request functions
  • Fix: Issue with post_category that just allows a single category to be set
  • Fix: Multiple small bugfixes like text bugs and formatting issues

1.5: January 13, 2019

  • Feature: Add new actions for create, update and delete posts
  • Tweak: Update WordPress "Tested up to" to 5.0.3
  • Fix: Correct naming of PHPDocs

1.4: December 26, 2018

  • Feature: Introduce transients for home screen api calls
  • Feature: Include a new tag validation function
  • Tweak: Update WordPress "Tested up to" to 5.0.2
  • Tweak: Optimize existing action descriptions
  • Fix: Fix wrongly loaded home screen api

1.3: December 25, 2018

  • Fix: Clear issue with admin related webhook calls
  • Fix: Call actions for validating incoming data directly

1.2: November 30, 2018

  • Fix: Remove issue with webhook unset function
  • Fix: Update Code for better WordPress Coding Standards
  • Fix: Update various links to our Documentation
  • Fix: Globalize translation identifier for single page tabs
  • Fix: Display plugin title on admin page
  • Tweak: Better layout for an easier usage
  • Feature: Introduce Settings page
  • Feature: Setting for activating translations engine
  • Feature: Webhook Control via Settings page (Activate only the features you want)
  • Feature: Add new trigger for creating, updating and deleting a post (Works also for custom post types)

1.1: November 18, 2018

  • Fix: Remove issue with webhook unset function
  • Fix: issue with recieving actions from various webhooks
  • Fix: issue with the api_key action parameter
  • Tweak: Optimize performance for validating default webhooks
  • Tweak: Make user_login field optional for new users (If not defined, we use the sanitized user email)

1.0: November 10, 2018

  • Birthday of WP Webhooks Pro